Digital Finishing Group guarantees its work to be quality craftsmanship.  In the event a customer has a problem with their machine we encourage someone to call us to attempt to solve the problem.  If the issue cannot be resolved via phone, DFG will attempt to rectify the situation by allowing the customer to return the machine for service, if it is still under warranty.  If the machine is not under warranty, we will still service the machine, charging the customer for shipping, labor, and parts cost. 

Before sending a machine to DFG for repair, customers must call DFG to obtain a return authorization number.  Without a return authorization number, we will be unable to service the machine and will return it to the customer, at their expense.

When sending a machine to DFG for service, the customer is responsible for shipping the machine to our DFG repair location.  Please ensure proper packing as DFG will return the machine in the packaging sent to us and is not liable for any damage whist in transit to and from our facility.  To expedite service, please write the return authorization number in large lettering on the box.

Upon arrival to our facility, DFG will examine the machine and determine a course of action.  We will inform the customer of said course and return the machine to the customer in a timely manner.