paper creaser

Creasers are an essential part of digital printing.  Toner is not absorbed into the substrate, rather it sits on top of the substrate.  When the substrate is scored using traditional scoring wheels, the toner will crack leaving unsightly white lines.  Creasing uses a male and female die to compact the substrate and toner that does not cause cracking and allows the substrate to be easily folded.


electric paper creaser

The DFG ECreaser 300 offers superior channel creasing capability across a broad range of paper stock. It is designed to eliminate the cracking problems encountered when trying to fold material from digital printers which use toner. The toner will crack on the material particularly if the grain is running in the wrong direction. This convenient semi-automatic operation and desktop design create an ideal creasing solution for printed stocks that require a clean sharp fold. The results help to insure the professional image quality of the sheet and its printed image is retained even after being folded.

Product made in the U.S.A.



* Artist rendering. Actual production model may differ slightly.

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