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The DigiPerfect900 is the World’s First and Only Inline Post-Binding Finisher. After the book is bound, a hingleline creased near the spine of the book which gives relief to spine, thus preserving the strength of the book.

Creating a hingeline is essential for binding color and glossy pages. Without a hingeline, pages turn on the spine, reducing the strength of the spine. Hingelines create a weak point for pages to turn on which keeps the binding strong. Pages always turn at the same exact point, thus preserving the color and image on the page at the spine.

The DigiPerfect900 is a fully automatic perfect binder with milling and notching that can bind a book in less than 20 sec.

  • Optional hardcover kit available, upgrade for an additional cost.

  • Perfect for digital printing - color and glossy sheets

  • Binding from 2 Sheets up to 1 3/4”

  • No operator training required

  • No set up required for any book size and thickness

  • Push button operation   
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